From CEOs and managing partners to associates, heads of marketing and business development teams, three major issues were found, but no one was connecting them:


It’s moving too fast, it’s impossible to keep up and although it may help, does it make a difference? Who should know about new technology in the firm? It is no longer just the tech team’s job, so how do you ensure the entire firm is engaged?


Law is a business, like any other: if a business can’t meet the expectations of its clients, those clients will choose an alternate service provider. So, what do today’s law firms need to do to meet these expectations?


The most important element of the firm. No matter how far technology develops, people are integral to the true success of a business. A key ingredient of talent is its composition reflecting the diversity of our society, but how do you manage this? Can innovation help?

So how do we deal with these elements?

LegalWeek CONNECT plans to find out. Over the course of two days, LegalWeek CONNECT will take attendees on a journey of fresh-thinking as we bring together top leaders of the legal community to connect.

Day 1 is bringing world class keynotes outside of the legal industry to challenge the status-quo. More bespoke options are then available to address the areas that are serious cause for concern in the 2017 law firm:

What do Legal Week want to achieve from Connect?

Collaboration & the convergence of knowledge

To bring together like-minded firms to share fresh ways of thinking, while bringing together diverse viewpoints. Whether it leads to new collaborative ventures, or more productive working styles, the convergence of knowledge is essential.

Creating a culture in the legal profession that has a clear sense of purpose

Articulating a clear purpose for the firm and the profession provides a focus to your future strategy. It also helps to galvanise your employees to create a shared and distinctive culture. That in turn drives employee engagement, productivity, staff retention and growth.

Raising the bar on a diverse and inclusive profession

Identifying innovative ways to drive diversity and inclusivity in the community.

Held on 29 and 30 November 2017

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Held on 29 and 30 November 2017

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