Clint Evans

Clint Evans

Director of Brand & Talent, RPC

Jurisdiction: UK

Specialism at work

I build the value of intangible assets

Favourite hobby

Creative writing & open water swimming

Best piece of advice

Show, don’t tell

50 word overview

Aside from having a unique job title, Clint has had a varied career. Before joining RPC in 2011 Clint had previously been a partner of the Møller PSF Group at Cambridge University; Chief Executive at law firm BLG, Director at Henley Business School and had roles with Clifford Chance; BDO, Deloittes; and Unilever. Formerly a management consultant and accountant, Clint’s professional passion is
directing firms to develop and make the most of their intangible assets from the more obvious – strategy; brand; talent; reputation; client relationships; value propositions; and operational processes, to the more ethereal such as values, culture, and purpose. Outside of the world of professions, Clint is best known for being in the first GB crew to win the Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race in 2006.