The value of alliances, both internally and externally, is often overlooked in the legal sector. Yet, effective collaboration increases competitive advantage, promotes innovation, improves quality, creates capacity and bandwidth, manages risk, and drives efficiencies.

Many GCs and law firm partners are looking for ways to harness collaboration for commercial gain.

LegalCollaboration focuses on: How law firms and service providers can collaborate, without strategic direction from in-house clients; What in-house corporates need to do, to take a step back from daily churn and envision a partnered service offering which is matched exactly to their needs; What innovative strategies can alternative service providers and technology offer in partnership with others?

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Legal Week asked hundreds of General Counsel and Partners what format delivers the best understanding, engagement and takeaways in conferences and we listened:

  • Morning: Leading Legalkeynote panels on high priority issues, to spark ideas and debate
  • Afternoon: Interactive LegalWorkshops and LegalRoundtables, to truly deep dive into contentious issues and provide networking with peers


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