LegalDiversity & Inclusivity (Chapter 1: Gender Equality)

The meteoric rise of #metoo and the increasing discussion on “women in law” has put gender equality at the forefront of the legal industry. What are in-house counsel and law firms doing to bridge this gender divide and foster an inclusive culture?

This ground-breaking conference day will provoke, question and provide answers to:

  • How General Counsel use their buying power to ensure real progress?
  • How law firms can create more inclusive, diverse teams by breaking away from the traditional firm culture, including the billable hour?
  • How gender neutral parental leave can potentially solve gender inequality in law, including the impact of technology
  • Do men get an unfair time in 2018?

Who should attend?
In order to incite change within the legal industry on issues of gender equality, Legal Week have found that both men and women need to be in the room. The agenda was formulated by our passionate Advisory Board, which is made up of influential General Counsel seeking to use their buying power to bring about change.

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Talent: The most important element of any business. No matter how far technology develops, people are integral to the true success of a business. A key ingredient of talent is its composition reflecting the diversity of our society, but how do you manage this? With changing employee expectations of working hours and flexibility, how can you attract, retain and develop the best talent?

LegalTalent is a unique offering that enables associates and law students the opportunity to present their varying innovative ideas on how the legal sector can drive diversity and inclusivity in 2018. Individually or in teams, candidates will have 3 minutes to make their pitch to five business leaders, including global General Counsel from major multinationals. Get voting live in the audience to help our judging panel choose who the LegalTalent winners should be!


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