Ahmed Badr

General Counsel, GoCardless


Ahmed heads the legal function at GoCardless, an online provider of bank to bank payment solutions that aims to make accepting recurring payments as simple as possible. Prior to joining GoCardless, Ahmed was most recently an attorney at Microsoft, and before that practiced infrastructure finance at Allen & Overy. Before becoming a lawyer, Ahmed worked in business roles at a number of startups. He’s a tech addict and is passionate about leveraging new technologies in both his work and personal life. He is chair of The Disruptive General Counsel Network’s executive committee and advocates ease of access to, and automation and simplification of the legal profession.

Why is gender equality important in the legal industry?

Diverse teams are high performing teams. In an industry that prides itself on intellectual and operational performance, gender equality isn’t just a nice to have – it’s a business imperative. It’s time to move beyond traditional gender roles, and to focus on the best person for every role.

Best piece of advice

To take on board lots of advice, but to carve your own path.