Emily Foges

CEO, Luminance

Jurisdiction: UK

Specialism at work

I don’t have one. I’ve always wanted to have my hand in absolutely everything and figure out how to make the whole business greater than the sum of its parts. Luckily this now goes with the territory.

Favourite hobby

My favourite thing of all is our annual camping trip with my three daughters and all their school friends. These families are some of my favourite people in the world and I have a paella pan that enables me to feed nearly 40 people by throwing ingredients into it over an open fire. It is quite dangerous but that’s half the fun of it.

Best piece of advice

Hire the person not the role. Hire people who are better than you at something, and then see what they can make happen. It was probably outside the job description you would have written.

50 word overview

Emily has 20 years’ experience of growing and scaling up technology-led businesses. First as a management consultant, and then with Betfair, BT and Equifax, she built teams to drive acquisition strategy and then delivered the integration, including the development and launch of new products. This gave her first-hand experience of the significant risks and opportunities that are often missed during due diligence processes, showing a clear need for AI to assist both in-house teams and law firms. In 2016 she became CEO of Luminance, the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal industry. Luminance is founded on the latest breakthroughs in machine learning technologies at the University of Cambridge.